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E-Mail me your poems, I don't care what they're about if they're good I'll post them. I'll post ones I've written that are half good.


In this moment
Im left undone
As though my every fraction
Is more t h a n one
Closing my eyes slowly hoping for sum
And if I look to the skies
My insides teary eyed
Unable to know why
Nothing divine will fill me up
And I know this anonymity
Will remain until cycles redone
And Ill never feel unique
Like the sky and I will meet
And the sum of us are deep
And my words will find mean
That Ive got genius unseen
Oh Goddess this is what you put on me
And theres no wisdom instilled in me
That will ever make me feel more than unseamed


Love Melee

If by some act of cowardice
I let this overcome me
If I become bitter through the grace of the Divine
And say this rage is no fault of mine
Would I be the fool that blames this on the world
that my shame offers them no pain
Oh, I thought I could face this opponent
I suited up and in his shadow I fell
Into my lonely void
Oh shame you tricked me into a self emposed cage
Oh shame I was bugullied into thinking your malice was love
But your love was my penance



I've cried
I've tried
about you,
about your problems.
About the drugs
I can't hide
I know,
not hide anymore.
I know that you have lied to me.
That hurts.
I've never had this much weight on my shoulders, only a child of 13. How can I deal?
I need to tell, but if I do, my life will..fall apart.
So I stand strong, not knowing, unknowing of your problem.

**I wrote that when I was 13, My Daddy used to do drugs.**

Written by Katie Gregory