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I've been studying the Tarot for a long time. I started off with a deck that I can't remember the name of, I moved on to the Goddess Tarot, then on to another group of nameless cards, I'm now on the Ibis Tarot (my friend owns cards much like it called the Egyptian Tarot (we call them both the Titty Tarot for obvious reasons)) and I just got Raymond Bucklands (yay me!!!) Romani (gypsy) Tarot. I don't plan to discard the Titty Tarot because they rock!!!

The Tarot has 78 cards 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. Most Witches cleanse and consecrate their deck, but in my opinion this is not at all neccesary unless you feel that you must. I've found that the Tarot cards work equally as well without being cleansed and consecrated.

This is the Magician Card for the Goddess Tarot, and the magician is Isis.

This is the Magician Card again but for the Romani Tarot (GO RAY), a romani shuv`hani (witch).