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Witchcraft is a religon and there is no reason why you can not call yourself a witch and not practice magick, but I do see a differance when someone calls themself a Witch and know nothing what so ever about the religon. I seriously take it personally when I meet someone without the slightest clue as to what the religon is about.


Scott Cunningham defines magick as the movement of natural (yet sublte) ENERGIES to manefest positive, needed change. Magick is the process of "rousing" energy, giving it purpose (through VISUALIZATION), and releasing it to create a change.

Fake Witches

Wicca is the fastest growing religion in America today, and like fake Christins we have a such thing as fake Witches. They usually show their novice easily. If a man tells you he's a warlock this is true--although it has nothing to do with Witchcraft--because Warlock is a Celtic word(pronounced Keltic) meaning traitor or oathbreaker. They easily don't know enough to call themselves Wiccan. Also if they tell you that they did something spectacular like turninging people into frogs, changing their hair color without the aid of colorants. They're living in the cartoons.

What Wicca Is

What Wicca is
Wicca is a religon of Nature and everything about it is natural.
Wicca can and can not be a religon of Magick, to be wiccan you do not have to practice magick.
Wicca is a religon of "showing love and being love", and that love has no Earthly boundries.

What Wicca Is Not

Wicca is not a light show--meaning that there is not instant hair colar change (if you want that join the Feria cult).
You are not Wiccan because you don't own any colored clothes and your hair is some unnatural color.
You are not Wiccan because you can guess what someones sign is.
You are not Wiccan because you can speak infrequently and bow your head coming off mysterious.


You are not special (other than the special your mother told you are) there's nothing hidden within you that will make you the Wiccan Messiah, give it up.
This is the real world not Lord of The Rings.
You do not have any psychic powers that the rest of us don't have.
I myself believe that I am very intuitive but not more so than anyone else with air in their lungs.

"Black Magick"

Black Magick is something not done in Wicca, and although I'd like to say it doesn't exist that would be a lie. Doing harmful Magick is done almost as easily as helpful Magick, but harmful Magick comes with great repercussions. We believe in the law of three meaning what you put out comes back to you in one form or another x3. Also a love of Black Magick comes with rules that are very tricky, in the wax (harmful) dolls if the needles touch each other even in the slightest way while in the figure then the entire curse will have backfired leaving the Victim unscathed, and the spell unbreakable and on your head.
Also if done on a learned Witch he may return this spell on you unscathed, and you never know who's in the broom closet.
Many of these harmful spell are as tricky and as perilous as this one.