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This is my Spells page, but if in your heart you know that your are not very learned about the basics of Magick don't attempt at these spells.

These are spells that I have used, and none of them are of the black magick kind. Black Magick is something that I do not recomend you do unless you are fully prepared for the repercussions, What you give is what you get.

Invocation of Conscience

Tool(s): White candle and dressing oil.

Dress with oil, charge and lite a White Candle

I kneel to the Earth
my heart is bitter
I look to the Skies
to make it better
I drink from the Cup
that Karma made
And I'm burned by the Fire
of Vengences flame
I call apon what's only sane
That my tormenters debt be paid
I ask of you for no foul torture
I wish (name) no great pain
Only that (name)'s impenitence be maimed.

**Tense your muscles consentrating on their conscience taking a tole on them, release power visualizing it silloueting around the white candle and slowly becoming one with the candle. Let the candle burn out, and bury the remaining wax. If there is no leftover wax that is fine.