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You Children Have Chosen Wicca

This is For The Concerned Parents

Dear Parents
I know that right now you want to grab you child by the collar and pull them back into the loving arms of Christ. I know that in some way you feel that them leaving your religon is some kind of affront to you and your roots, but all I'm asking is to let them take this journey and learn if this is right for them.
Would it be right to push them back into a religon that isn't in their hearts, or to scare them into believing that any other religon is some kind of eternal damnation. You're afraid for your children and I'm very aware that there's nothing that I can tell you to ease this fear. I know that you believe that this is a one way ticket to Hell, and there is nothing to dispell that.
Give them a chance and I can assure you that if they follow this religon with their hearts wholly they will make you proud.
We are not worshipers of the Devil, because that would make us some kind of very strange Christian Denomination and we are in no way connected to Christianity.
We are not a society that casts curses or hurtfull spells this is a ridicullas notion. What Christians do through prayer we do through Magick. It is only ritual, and to be considered a Wiccan you are not required to practice Magick. I'm not a steady Magic(k)ian, more often than not I lite my alter candles and kneel before my alter and give thanks to Divinity.
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