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I'm going to try to help you understand the basics of Magick

Magick with a 'k'

As a serious religious community and because we practice magic(k) we as witches felt that we should put a boundary between media magic and what we practice (real life magick). Many people are still illinformed about Magick they're still living in the comic books and The Craft.

Personal Power

Personal Power is one of the major factors of magick. Personal power is the energies of you body, the heat your hands produce when you rub them together is personal power, but the inborn ability we all have to direct this power is what is gain in magick through visualization.

Divine or Earth Power

It's the energies of the planet the "mystical" power that comes from the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Earth power is used with Personal Power and used with visualization in the same way. The differance between the two is that Earth Power is not yours you're only renting the power and you should respect the planet by using your please and thank yous.


This is very important. For a spell to come off well you have to want this in every pore of you body. To merely knell before your alter and dryly preform Magick will not do, you have to really want it for it to work.

Building Power

This is a part of personal power. Commonly you tighten you muscles to the point of trembling, keeping your mind focused on the task (helps me to envision the appropriate colored aura surrounding my body). It's good to send the personal power to the appropriate stone or herbs.


Chanting is helpful but not necessary, you do not need to shroud your words with something fancy and hard to do.
If you feel you should chant say the words in a powerful way, let it be known that this is something you truely desire.

more to come, got sidetracked...i'm assuming someones on my site ha ha.