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These Are My Apostles

The Majority of these People have nothing to do with Wicca. I only know one person my age who I can assuredly call Wiccan. The rest of the people I know have many delusions of granduer.

Didn't know I was coming :-)

Stupid Bitch (lol)

This evil bitch is Tamar`a my best friend and I love her with all my heart but half the time I don't like her evil ass...sorry T. She believes that me believing I'm a witch is corny and everytime I say something pertaining to the Craft she laughs mockingly.
Uncannily she believes that I'm psychic, but she refuses to take my advice--headstrong bitch.


The one in the white prep shirt is my best friend Michelle, and when she find out I put that picture out of her you may never hear from me again.
Michelle is Wiccan. I didn't even know Wicca existed until I met her weird ass. I didn't let her know I was studying wicca until I was sure it was for me. I share everything with her and I hope she does the same with me.